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Utilizing the Benefits Offered by BPJS Kesehatan

“22% of people are encountering difficulties in utilizing the benefits offered by BPJS Kesehatan.”

BPJS Kesehatan (state-owned Health Care and Social Security Agency) aims to provide affordable and accessible healthcare services to all citizens. However, Muniyo Quick Polling shows that 22% of people are encountering difficulties in utilizing the benefits offered by BPJS Kesehatan.

According to, Ombudsman RI finds some institutions, including hospitals and clinics, have been selectively implementing policies that restrict BPJS Kesehatan patients’ access to certain treatments, medical procedures, and duration of health services. These discriminatory practices can lead to delayed diagnoses, untreated illness, and deteriorating health conditions.

Furthermore, many users struggle to navigate the complexities of the BPJS Kesehatan system, resulting in confusion and potential denial of services. Therefore, increasing the transparency of information related to available healthcare services, coverage, and procedures is vital. Simplifying the enrollment process and providing clear guidelines on accessing treatments and procedures can enhance the program’s efficiency and improve overall user experience.

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