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Usage and Attitude

You designed your product to perform in a certain way. Your engineers wrote manuals how to use the product. Your marketers advertised to build a certain image around it. But customers may have other ideas; they are more creative and resourceful than many companies give credit for. Something that is considered staple food in one market could be just a snack in another. Many customers might ignore the recommended way of operating a new power tools in favor of the old ways they always use.

There are lots of things you can learn from a customer’s journey from having a need and intention to buy a product to actually buying, using and recommending a product. There are things that influenced customers and the choices they made.

It is essential to understand customers’ usage and attitude of a product. A usage and attitude study (or U&A) could reveal frequency of purchase and use, attitude toward the brand, barriers to adoption, weaknesses and many more. Using AcuityHub platform, this study can be immediately cross-referenced with customer demographics and location.


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