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Bringing Kids to the Office and How to Ensure Productivity

July 24, 2024 | Workplace

Bringing children to the workplace can be a rewarding experience for both parents and their kids, offering unique opportunities for bonding and learni . . .

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46% People Chose Bakmi GM as Favorite Noodle Restaurant

July 23, 2024 | Findings

In a recent survey conducted by Muniyo Quick Polling, 46% of 422 respondents named Bakmi GM as their favorite noodle restaurant. This choice highlight . . .

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The Power of Personal Narratives: Diary Study

July 22, 2024 | Market Research Series

Diary studies have emerged as a powerful tool in market research, capturing detailed, real-time data on consumer behavior and experiences. By leveragi . . .

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How the YouTube Podcast Industry Evolved Over Time

July 05, 2024 | Workplace

The podcast industry in Indonesia has experienced significant growth and transformation over time. Initially, podcasting was a niche activity, with li . . .

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Innovate Your Products with Concept Testing

June 27, 2024 | Market Research Series

Imagine pouring time and resources into developing a product, only to discover at launch that it falls flat with your target audience. Concept testing . . .

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75% People have Utilized BPJS Kesehatan

June 21, 2024 | Findings

BPJS Kesehatan, Indonesia's national health insurance program, plays a crucial role in providing healthcare services to millions of Indonesians. Accor . . .

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