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How the YouTube Podcast Industry Evolved Over Time

“How the YouTube Podcast Industry Evolved Over Time”

The podcast industry in Indonesia has experienced significant growth and transformation over time. Initially, podcasting was a niche activity, with limited local content and low awareness among the general population. However, this has changed dramatically in recent years.

In the early 2000s, podcasting in Indonesia nearly non-existed, mainly due to limited internet access, thanks to the underdeveloped technology infrastructure. Most content was imported from English-speaking countries, which limited its appeal to a broader Indonesian audience. As internet access increased, so did the popularity of podcasts. Various podcast channels started to emerge. One of them is Awal Minggu by Adriano Qalby, who was dubbed as the Father of Indonesian Podcasts, in 2015 ( A year later, Spotify launched in Indonesia, further boosting the popularity of podcasts in the country (

Overtime, Indonesian media consumers have grown more accustomed to podcasts. In 2019, 1.56 million individuals in the country downloaded audio or video podcasts (, and the number keeps growing. According to Global Web Index (GWI) in October 2022, Indonesia ranks second globally, with leading podcasters across multiple platforms reaching 21 million subscribers ( GWI (2021) also reported the platform preferences of podcast listeners in Indonesia. Spotify ranks first (57%), followed by YouTube (46%), and JOOX (35%).

Which platform do you choose to listen to podcasts? Share your thoughts down below!

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