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63% People Chose Halodoc as Their Favorite Health App

“63% People Chose Halodoc as Their Favorite Health App”

Telehealth in Indonesia has seen significant growth, largely driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry's expansion has been bolstered by increased accessibility and the government's efforts to promote digital health services ( Halodoc, known for its comprehensive and user-friendly platform (Hendrawan, et al., 2023), has emerged as a leader in this sector, with 63% of users choosing it as their preferred telehealth app (Muniyo Quick Polling).

Founded in 2016 by Jonathan Sudharta and Doddy Lukito, Halodoc has consistently expanded its services, which include online consultations, medicine delivery, and lab test bookings. The platform connects users with over 20,000 experienced doctors, more than 4,000 partner pharmacies, and 2,000 healthcare facilities spread across nearly 200 cities in Indonesia. Halodoc's user base has significantly grown, boasting 20 million active users monthly. The platform's ability to adapt quickly to the healthcare needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, by offering drive-thru testing and vaccination services, has played a crucial role in its widespread adoption (

The company's innovative solutions have earned it a place among the top 100 global healthcare technology companies in 2021, as recognized by The Healthcare Technology Report. Halodoc's focus on integrating digital solutions into healthcare has not only improved access but also positioned it as a leading player in the telehealth sector in Indonesia and globally (


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