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75% People have Utilized BPJS Kesehatan

“75% People have Utilized BPJS Kesehatan”

BPJS Kesehatan, Indonesia's national health insurance program, plays a crucial role in providing healthcare services to millions of Indonesians. According to Muniyo Quick Polling, 75% of Indonesians have utilized the benefits of BPJS Kesehatan. However, the remaining 25% of the population are either not enrolled or not utilizing the services despite being registered.

The fact that 75% of Indonesians have utilized BPJS Kesehatan is a testament to the program's reach and importance. Several factors contribute to this high utilization rate. BPJS Kesehatan provides comprehensive health insurance benefits to its members in Indonesia, covering a wide range of medical services. These benefits include outpatient and inpatient care, maternal and child health services, dental care, and access to various specialized treatments. The program aims to ensure that all citizens receive necessary medical care without facing financial hardship, thereby promoting better public health (

Despite the program's extensive reach, 7% of Indonesians has not applied for BPJS Kesehatan. Several reasons may explain this gap. Some people consider the program does not comply with sharia principles, while others are already covered by private insurance. Another reasons why several Indonesians choose to not joining BPJS Kesehatan are unfamiliarity with the program, or no longer have an income due to issues such as illness or being laid off (

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